Principles of Photography Lighting: Controlling Camera’s Light Sensitivity

Light distinct us from the dark world. Light is very important source to various applications, mechanisms and nature itself. Philosophically, Life depends upon Light. (Sigh). Great, now we know that our camera too depends upon light. 😛 Let’s not waste more time and learn more about principles of photography lighting and controlling camera’s light sensitivity. [click to continue…]


Selecting Photography Subject: Anything which adheres your Interest

Photography is an art of intellectual ideas and compositions, which only comes with interest of photographer. In my previous article we learned about getting familiar with camera by knowing its features, whereas in this article we will get familiar with YOU, yourself. Yes, I am talking about YOUr creative side which capture different moments and collect it in form of memories, or portfolio. In this article we will make you aware of Selecting Photography Subject: Anything which adheres your interest.
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Make Camera your Buddy for Good Photography Composition

Ofcourse, if we talk about photography we talk of camera, and not a guitar. Camera is the most important element in photography and without it you cannot shoot an innocent creature. Many Cameras are available in market with various features and sizes, you can simply pick the one you can afford. Lol! Just kissing kidding! For simple photography, you can get a Normal Digital Camera whereas to get into advanced photography, I would suggest you to get a DSLR as it gives you number of options for custom photography compositions. Read the full article »


What is the difference between DSLRs and Normal Digital Cameras ?

A very common question which arises in one’s mind seeing a SLR camera, Oh Man! What is the difference between DSLR and Normal Camera ?
Well, difference is the price of DSLR camera is 10 times more than the normal camera. LOL! I am not kidding it is true and the reason is the construction of DSLR camera which is quite expensive. In this article you will get to know about differences between SLR camera and normal camera. Read the full article »