About Dodography

You must be here because your curious mind, which undesirably, wants to know about What is Dodography ? and Why Dodography is on WWW ? But before you go ahead, get a cup of patience and tighten your seat belts, so you don’t fall and break your thighs.

What is Dodography ?

Dodography is neither the Science nor the Art, but a branch of TheCreatology – where life inspires technology. Dodography refers to the Art of creating lines and portraying symmetries for a resultant sense science of humor. Oh Yeah! Obviously, it’s not about drawing with pencils and taking prints with Plotter, but using the senses to deliver humor. You see? I made you a Dodo. 😉

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Why Dodography is on WWW ?

Well, there is no fame to announce that Dodography, will juice you with humor, knowledge and love for Nature.

THE OBJECTIVE is not at all THE GREAT, but to amaze people with another view of life. Yes, THE LIFE which was lost inside when you were in the nappies. Does that amaze you? Yes, Cool. No, then you need to elevate your sense of humor . No offense, but I am just saying…if you have lost it in real. 😛

What else on Dodography?

Articles on Photography from Scratch, Photography Tips, Trick and various phases of Digital Photography.

We’re reading various unknown minds who define Photography, in our new concept called Reflections.

We’re also working on a Stock of Photos which will let people buy cool images online for cheap.


If you find something in the way, a pothole query or a pizza suggestion, then simply direct it to help [at] thecreatology.com and we’ll get back to at earliest as possible. Alternatively, you can also look up for “Aky Joe“.