What is Photography?

Google says…

“the art or practice of taking and processing photographs”.

In this modern world, where people talk more with pictures than words, share instant moments on social media, contemplate different viewpoints and last, but not the least, take Selfie/s. As different minds think differently, so Dodography is in a mission to collect such 100 different meanings of Photography, from the unknown minds, their perceptions and opinions.

We’ve already featured 5 people below and have discovered some intersecting facts about Photography, like how they click and how they share Photography.

You can read vivid reflections on Photography from people, below:


Making memories!

A girl who owns a Cannon EOS 1200 and likes to pose when her friends taking pictures. She’s fond of getting clicked by a guy (don’t know why).
– Aditi Munjal


 Sharing Happiness!

A fun loving guy who makes people laugh with his mimicry. He’s fond of being clicked but shares his best pictures only.
– Ankur S


Capturing the smiles, sometimes fake.

A serious and shy guy, who doesn’t post or share pictures over social media.
– Prashant K


Rewinding your life in one go.

A person who stays updated with what’s happening in the world by reading news on social networking sites, following celebrities & big brands.
– Sid


A way of showing someone’s beauty which can be priceless.

A person with different views and makes the best of it. He’s fond of reading but doesn’t post much on social networking sites.
– Krishan M